Sew your Own Wedding

'Sew It Yourself' Weddings

If your wanting an individual wedding to suit you and your budget then a 'Sew It Yourself' wedding could be for you!

BUT now your thinking...where do I start?....Can I Sew? ......I need help!?!?!?!

 From creating an unusual seating plan to.......

table plan

making a venue have the feel you want, to......

bunting and lanterns

letting your personalities shine through your accessories.

button hole and bouquet

The Sewing Ward is here to help you in your mission to create your perfect day.

Please get intouch if you are interested in 'SIY' Wedding workshops, you could have a get together with your bridesmaids or friends and family where everyone contributes to making something for your special day or if you like the look of a homemade wedding but are finding it all to stressful then I can work with your ideas to create something to suit you.